While we were there

As many of you know when we began this adventure of “Hike with Hope” the directions was wide and the cause was broad.  But immediately after accepting this journey we were introduced to the opportunity to venture out to Delicias, Honduras.  The first thought was, why not?  This is a place where people live lives trying to exist. The needs of these people were many, but a huge need was telling the story of the Lenca people.  Within their story is a story about the battles in which they step into everyday in their hopes of making it to tomorrow.  Knowing this about the Lenca people it was an easy decision that we would be going.  Now you should know this trip was a planned trip before hand and it was one of many trips apart of an association that make their way down to Honduras yearly.  But there have been few that attempt this long stroll in the mountains to make it into this village.  We were going to be among the first.  If you can imagine the end of the world as you know it, and then add your imagination on even greater of a distance, then add several more miles and that was our destination.  The thought of hunger and thirst, poor hygiene and disease are among the many understood problems we would face.  But when we arrived, there was an “elephant in the room.”  And that elephant was religion.  Who would have thought that a place so far separated from society could be in such bondage to religion.  Honestly though all of us who attended this trip were men of faith and a faith in which drives to care for the forgotten, I never thought this would be apart of this trip, that is a battle on beliefs.  Sure most people have a belief system, and when they are so disconnected from societies sometimes they even make up their own, so this was something that I figured we would run into.  But not to a measurement of this extreme.  Here you have several people from across the world trying to bring hope to a forgotten people and the first obstacle was that they were extremely terrified of us.  The first thought is sure because we are white and they are not, but it was more than that. This was because some religious leader that happens to be tied within their government told them that people of our nature(white) would come one day to harm them.  I knew that during our stay we would provide food, water and our story, but they didn’t know that and yet they were distant.  So of course once they saw we were there for them and not against them, and that they didn’t have to believe in the same things as we do in order for us to serve them, they became very welcoming and very fast.  We sat for many hours among their homes, played for many days with their children and infiltrated their communities with Hike with Hope Bands(which they loved to have something to call their own).  It was a dream come true, we were doing life with people who have felt alone for some time.  But then we had to go.  The hike back was glorious knowing we would have a warm meal back at the bunk house and even maybe a cold soda.  But as I laid my head down that night I was distraught over how controlling these religious forces were.  This is where more layers of this story began.

To Be Continued….


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