Hike with Hope and Brewers Lantern Join Forces

Above is the joint effort of a local brand Brewers Lantern and Hike with hope.  Since the beginning we have built an incredible relationship with April Harris, who is the owner of The Squire Shop and now also the owner of Brewers Lantern.  We have partnered since the beginning, and today April and Brewers Lantern took a huge step to show their support in our cause.  For every shirt you purchase Hike with Hope will receive a portion of the proceeds.  This shirt is available online or at The Squire Shop.  But we would love for you to come out  this Friday April 8th from 1:30 till our team will be at the Squire shop presenting these shirts along with our story!  We are forever grateful and forever indebted to April and her support to our cause!



Blood Mountain

We are currently within 20 days of leaving for Honduras, and this last weekend we loaded up the team and went and conquered Blood Mountain on the AT.  If you are interested in doing some of these day hikes, or taking a weekend with us please contact us so that we can get you involved!

Here are a couple of pictures from this weekend.

One Day Without Shoes Event!

Tonight’s event went really well!  As most of you know Hike with Hope sells our bands and other products at several local retailers in Carrollton.  Well Sweet Peas is one of those retailers and they are also our local licensed Tom Shoes retailer.  So together we took a stand tonight and marched around the University of West Georgia College!  Here are some pics from tonight!

One Day Without Shoes

On April 5 2011 this Tuesday we will be partnering with Sweat Peas in Carrollton Georgia to take a stand for children all over the world that go everyday without shoes, so how can you help…leave your shoes at home and come join us in a walk around The University of West Georgia.  We will be meeting at 5:30 pm at Sweat Peas.  Also all day you can pick up a pair of Toms shoes at Sweet Peas for 30% off!  Would love to see you all and hope you will join in this movement!  If you can’t come out you can still spend One Day Without Shoes!

Night of Hope

Saturday on March 19th from  7-9 we will be having a benefit night for Hike with Hope at Bella Coffee in Carrollton.   This night will consist of Great music from Carson Ray, Jeremy Hicks, and Kristen Hicks, along with several ways you can partner with us to bring hope to the hopeless.  We will have many handcrafted art pieces from the Lenca people, as well as many local art pieces.  Please come by and check out what we are doing in the coming of days and partner with us as we reach out to the forgotten.  Just one night that can bring hope for a lifetime!  See you there!

New Products Available Now!

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The World Race

Hike with Hope has been given an incredible opportunity to sponsor Kim Butler who is joining an incredible organization called “The World Race.”  Here is a little about Kim:

“I’m what they call a type A personality. I’m a perfectionist… I’m even trying to perfect not being a perfectionist! (a work in progress). I’m also an over committer, I always have multiple things going on at a time and as soon as something comes off my plate I find something else to replace it. I’m excited to spend 11 months committed to nothing except God and sharing His love with others.

I’m 24 years old and I graduated from Berry College in May 2008 with a degree in Business Management. I’m currently working in property management, an industry that I am less than passionate about, I coach a women’s crew (rowing) team at Brenau University, something I am overly passionate about, and I’m almost done planning a wedding for my oldest friend.  God has used each of these things and more, even the job, to prepare me for this trip and grow me up in Him.

So, how did I come to make the decision to go on “The World Race.” Well, it started with my sister who mentioned that she thought it might be something I would be interested in. We didn’t talk much about it, and honestly I forgot about it. A few days later the idea came back in my mind, and again and again for a few weeks. At that point I said, “God, are you trying to tell me something?” So I went online and looked up this elusive trip. I got really excited about it after reading just a few things and decided I should shut the computer. I tend to get my hopes up about things and then they become about me and not about God’s will for my life, and I wanted this to be ALL God if it was His will. I made the decision to not actively think about the trip and only pray and surrender it to God anytime He brought it to mind. For about 2 more weeks the Spirit continued to speak to my heart and remind me of all the events that He had used to lead me to this place. He began to confirm that this was not my own voice but rather His still small voice leading me to this place. After looking more deeply into the trip online I decided to pray more intentionally for God’s guidance and spoke with my mentor who advised that I begin walking through the doors God opened. Not 100% confident, I decided to take a vacation alone, something I have never done. I ended up going to 4 cities in 4 days and God revealed to me more about Himself and His desire to fulfill my desires. It was a sweet time to get quite and alone with God and He confirmed even more that I was to lay down my desires and trust Him to give me life to the full!”

To Keep up with Kim or to partner with Hike with Hope in supporting her please visit her site HERE!

Thanks Kim for all that you are doing for the kingdom and we are looking forward to reaching the world with you!

We are Going back, are you coming?

As many of you have heard the Hike with Hope team is heading back to Delicias, Honduras on April 25th.  We do want to announce that we still have a couple of slots available if this is something that interest you. 

Here is a little about the trip:

This is a 6 day trip in which we will leave on the 25th and return on the 30th.

The cost will be about $700-$800 pending on plane tickets between then and now

You will need to be able to Hike for roughly 6 hours through rough terrain and climate change.

During this trip we will be living among the Lenca people and providing for some of their immediate spiritual and physical needs (such as but not limited to Food/Water/Shelter/agriculture)


Before you email me with a desire for a slot you will need to make sure that you can have $700 by March 1st

Be able to meet with me or a team member by February 6th

Passports are required to leave the country, but there are no immunizations needed

If you are at all interested to come with us on our next adventure to Honduras please email me at