Now that we are back


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So now that we are back believe it or not there has been word from this village.  I know I spent some time helping you understand how far off the map it is, which it is but we have people who are local to this area going in that are actually doing bible studies within this village(the organization who were our guides in).  Which is awesome, essentially they are fighting the good fight on the beliefs side while we get the opportunity to provide for these people, while supporting the ministry that is in there.  Well the week after we vacated this gracious place, those religious people who I told you about came in and they began burning the Bibles that they had and really distracted them for the whole reason we were there.  Grant you believe it or not these Bibles carry a truth that is in their Bibles, but the whole point of this control is about power.  These people are being told that they can’t read the scriptures on their own without someone going to God for them.  So now this situation began to become complicated again.  But our locals just got back from going into Delicias and they were welcomed with loving arms, because unlike what these people are being taught our faith compels us to do good not harm.  While we are back in the states it is hard to not be there loving on these people.  In fact it is extremely hard to see how much torment religion has brought to this place.  Because unlike you and I these people are persecuted daily for what they believe, because what they believe comes with a cost. 

I say all this to say Hike with Hope exist for the forgotten, the invisible, the hurt and the forsaken.  We exist for the need, the provider and the story.  We will never enter a battle of religion with these people because that is not what we are or what we are there for. This doesn’t mean that things don’t get messy.  But we have found out, though the powers over the suppressed want to try to make this about religion, that love overcomes it all.  We have been able to love more, help more and do more because it isn’t about religion to us its about relationship with the one true way, Christ.

Won’t you join our movement?


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