Hike with Hope and Brewers Lantern Join Forces

Above is the joint effort of a local brand Brewers Lantern and Hike with hope.  Since the beginning we have built an incredible relationship with April Harris, who is the owner of The Squire Shop and now also the owner of Brewers Lantern.  We have partnered since the beginning, and today April and Brewers Lantern took a huge step to show their support in our cause.  For every shirt you purchase Hike with Hope will receive a portion of the proceeds.  This shirt is available online or at The Squire Shop.  But we would love for you to come out  this Friday April 8th from 1:30 till our team will be at the Squire shop presenting these shirts along with our story!  We are forever grateful and forever indebted to April and her support to our cause!



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