I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

Chick-fil-a Spirit Night

Monday night was an incredible night!  We raised tons of awareness and support for our trip coming up in only 3 days!  Here are a couple of pictures from that night!

The Crew!(notice how incredible the beards are come along)

We had so many varieties available in our bands(You can buy one today just check out our retail tab)

Here is our new Key Chains!(Available November 1st.)

Thank you so much if you came out and supported our cause!


…..Without Ceasing

This time next week we will be arriving into the village in Honduras called Delicias and we need your help!  Before we leave I have set a goal to get at least 100 people praying for us and with us as we bring hope to the forgotten.  In 1 thessalonians 5:16 the Bible says that we are to pray without ceasing! I am asking you sincerely to help us through prayer!  There will be many moments on this trip that are going to be treacherous and trying and the only thing we have to offer that satisfies for good is the love and hope that we have through Jesus Christ.  Below is our itinerary and information.  I would love for you to leave a comment on this post with your name so that I will know you are committing to do this with us!  Heres the plan:

Monday October 18

–will leave Atlanta and arrive in Honduras

–We will be traveling 5hrs into the mountains toward the trail head

–Stay the night in LaEsparanza

Tuesday October 19

–We will Backpack into Delicias (this will be a complete days hike)

Wednesday October 20- Friday October 22

–We will live among these people

–Provide resources

–Proclaim Truth

–Pursue Change

Friday October 22

–Pack out of Delicias and head back to LaEsparanza

Saturday October 23

–We will be traveling back to the U.S

TEAM MEMBERS: Chris Reynolds/ Mike Annas/ Micah Kilgore/ Jason Poor/ Chris Altman/ Scott Hellman/Kirk Richeson/Andrew Owensby/ Christian Harris

Please Share this post and Sign Up to Pray through next week with us!

Chick-fil-a Spirit night!

This Coming Monday the 11th, Hike with Hope will be having a spirit night at the Carrollton Chick-fil-a.  This event will be from 5-8 pm.  15% of all sales will be raised for our organization and this vision!  We will also be on site selling HWH bands and sharing information with you all!  If you love Chick-fil-a and have a heart for the forgotten, then don’t miss this chance to help impact the lives of those in need around this world!

Please print this slip to bring with you or if you forget it or are not capable to print it then just walk up and ask one of us that night and we will have some on site!

Hope to see you there!  Please Spread the word!

Hike With Hope Photo Shoot

Since the early stages of HWH, The Squire Shop and April Harris have been huge supporters for the vision and cause of this movement.  This last Friday we had the opportunity to take some photos and to reach out and serve the staff of her store.  It is so important for people to understand that his mission is only possible by the support that we get from people who believe in us and the direction that HWH is heading.  We are continuing to broaden this brand and our contacts to help support our chances to reach out to the forgotten all around this world.  Throughout the next couple weeks as we lead up to this trip to Delicias, Honduras we will continue to raise awareness of who we are and who we stand for.  If you find yourself wanting to love those who know no love, or bring hope to the hopeless, or even stand for the ones out there who can’t stand on their own, then we need you and we need you now!  We are dedicated to connect like-minded people to reaching out to those who are in need.  Please leave your information if this is something you would like to hear more about, and to find out ways that you could uniquely get involved!

Here are some more pictures from Friday’s shoot

(Thanks again to Katie Cooper for her unbelievable photography work)

Help Fund this project by stopping by The Squire Shop this week and picking up an HWH Band, or visiting our online store.  All proceeds go directly into taking hope to the hopeless!

Promo Video

New Paracord Bands are in!

The Newest addition to the HWH Brand is our para cord bands.  We have a variety of colors.(black,red,olive,grey and gold)  Check our online store and your local retailers to help support the I52:7 movement.

We need your help!

There are a lot of things that I have come across as Hike With Hope has launched that we are in dire need for.  One of those needs and a major one at that is a defined logo!  So I am going to do something crazy here and put the ball in your court.  Maybe you know someone who does art, or maybe that is you.  By the end of this week we want to have an established logo and brand for this incredible journey that we are about to embark on.  You could be asking yourself is there money involved in this, well that is the thing, if we had the money then we know established artist.  But considering this is an organization that brings light to people’s needs, we will help you bring light to your talent by sporting this brand all around the world!  It is important now for us to pour all of our support and funds into the village in Delicias, Honduras.  Here are a couple of samples that we have had sent so far:

Recent Hikes

Taste of Carrollton

Incredible night at the Taste of Carrollton, a lot of support and awareness was raised.  We also launched our new line of Hike With Hope bracelets.  Head to the squire shop now to check them out!