Hike With Hope Photo Shoot

Since the early stages of HWH, The Squire Shop and April Harris have been huge supporters for the vision and cause of this movement.  This last Friday we had the opportunity to take some photos and to reach out and serve the staff of her store.  It is so important for people to understand that his mission is only possible by the support that we get from people who believe in us and the direction that HWH is heading.  We are continuing to broaden this brand and our contacts to help support our chances to reach out to the forgotten all around this world.  Throughout the next couple weeks as we lead up to this trip to Delicias, Honduras we will continue to raise awareness of who we are and who we stand for.  If you find yourself wanting to love those who know no love, or bring hope to the hopeless, or even stand for the ones out there who can’t stand on their own, then we need you and we need you now!  We are dedicated to connect like-minded people to reaching out to those who are in need.  Please leave your information if this is something you would like to hear more about, and to find out ways that you could uniquely get involved!

Here are some more pictures from Friday’s shoot

(Thanks again to Katie Cooper for her unbelievable photography work)

Help Fund this project by stopping by The Squire Shop this week and picking up an HWH Band, or visiting our online store.  All proceeds go directly into taking hope to the hopeless!


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