A Word from Andrew

It is amazing to me that God allows me to be apart of His story. I am unbelievably unworthy to have what I have, to know what I know, and to be apart of what I am apart of. It’s exciting but also very humbling. Someone once asked me why serve on mission and try to live the gospel out with my life. I thought of some clever answer that I thought would impress him and then I flipped the question and asked him. And his answer was simple but so true….. “because God lets me”…then I felt stupid! The point is that God is so big and we are so not and the fact that he lets us be apart of what He is doing should be something that we never get over.

I am so pumped about Delicias and this mission that we get to be apart of in a few weeks. I had the opportunity to hike into this village last year around this same time and I fell in love with a group of people who need to hear the gospel and the hope we have in Jesus. As I have been preparing for the journey I have been praying for open minds and hearts, for relationships to continue to be built, for God to bring salvation to people through our sharing, and for a church to eventually be established in Delicias. Please pray for these things with us. The trip is hard, its uncomfortable, it’s filled with freeze-dried meals, no power, no running water, no clean water……..but God has a heart for these people and they will never hear the gospel unless they have a preacher, as Romans 10 shows us, and God is sending us to be their preacher. Unbelievable.

One really awesome part of this trip is the nature of the work that will happen while we are in Delcias. We make the mistake sometimes in our efforts in the church of only addressing spiritual needs and ignoring humanitarian needs, or meeting on the humanitarian needs and ignoring the persons need for Christ. During this trip we will address both. We will be packing in rice and beans to meet a physical need, but we will also be bringing the good news of Christ which leaves us never hungering and never thirsting again..John 6:35.

So please pray for us now and through October 23 when we return, I cannot express to you how much this trip hinges on our faithfulness to pray. As you go throughout your life realize what God is doing and go play the part he has for you. Play it well, be bold, be faithful, so at the end of the day you can honestly say that the light within you is shining and truly pointing others around this globe to the glory of the Lord. That is what life is all about.


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