A Word from Kirk

I have asked the team to share with you guys a little bit about their preparation for this up coming HWH trip to Delicias, Honduras.  So here is a word from Kirk…
How have I been preparing for the adventure that awaits as our team hikes the mountains of Honduras into the town of Delicias? First and foremost prayer. Praying each day that God would break my heart for the people we will meet in Delicias Honduras while softening the hearts of those people to receive the good news we will bring by Gods grace alone. I have been pursuing His face and in turn have been learning a great deal about myself and Him. first… God has a heart for those with bad knees…and in turn He has blessed us with the elliptical! each day as I venture into the gym I do my normal weight lifting (placing extra emphasis on leg curls and extensions, and squats/leg press twice a week) followed by my elliptical training… increasing my level of performance and time every 2-3 days. I have also gone on a few warm up hikes with Andrew Owensby  and Chris Altman to blood mt in Blairsville Ga and Cheaha Al.
I have been hiking for most of my life but am not in the best “playing” shape I have been in for the past few years. Lets just say its a good thing the humble pie I have been served up while training for this trip has even fewer calories than a pastor Stephen Peeples famous frozen pies. I could afford to pass on the pie more often these days God has shown me that! but seriously I have looked forward to this trip for a year. when I heard about what this trip entailed and how the team last year hiked into this village and shared Gods love with the ppl there I knew I WANTED to go…but I remained cautious. I did not know where I would be this year and if my graduating college and going out into the “real” world would affect my being able to go. God however knew the plan the whole time and it wasn’t until months later I was let in on it. God has provided throughout this process and I know He will continue to be faithful and gracious to those willing to dream…and say yes. He shows me this everyday. He has surrounded me with a group of guys who are willing to dream big, who are passionate, and who speak the boldly proclaim the good news…I cant wait to see what God does next!

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