Small Things With Big Meaning

By now many of you are supporting Hike With Hope by wearing one of our Hike With Hope bungees.  There are so many things in this world that people like me design that, lets face it,  aren’t really even that cool or worth the money that you dish out, but they have the potential to change lives.  I began selling these bungees about 5 years ago to support my wife as she made a trip across this globe to Africa.  I realized then what I know now and that is you can gain support from people by connecting them to the vision of a cause, giving them some sort of ownership and part to the work you are doing, even if its worlds apart.  We raised hundreds of dollars then to reach and impact hundreds of lives, and now I am asking you to take this journey again.  What if I told you that by supporting this cause you could impact a village so defining that lives would never be the same.  I can’t tell you how the trip is going to go, what we will come across and what we will face, but I can tell you that with your support we will not leave this mountain without leaving behind a Hope of a better tomorrow.

We are looking for people to spread the word and help sale these, please contact me if you would like to support this cause!

Here are some pics you have sent showing your support, Keep them coming:


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